A little about...

The Hott Spot

One step inside The Hott Spot Extreme Wellness and your instincts will likely kick in and recommend a good HVAC guy. That's because the yoga studio's thermostat reads 95 degrees. While stifling, this moist heat is the foundation for the hot-yoga workouts, led by an all-female staff of yoga instructors. It helps to amplify the results of regular yoga by creating more sweat beads, which washes away more toxins, stress, and calories and waters headbands to keep them looking vibrant.

Accelerate Improvement

Get into postures more deeply and effectively. Stretch quicker and easier, in return leading to stronger flexibility in the muscles that burn fat.

Greater Range

Heat produces greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments, and other structures of the body. Cold muscles tend to be more likely to tear.


Sweating promotes detoxification through the skin creating immense benefits such as super clean skin and detoxification of pores in the body's largest organ - the skin! Raising the core temperature also increases white blood cell reproduction and fighting viruses and bacteria.

Personal and Individual Experiences

Many people take different benefits from yoga. Whether its bringing you the feeling of satisfaction and achievement, or just helping you cleanse the mind and body, yoga has a benefit for you. It can help connectivity with your body, decreases the chatter in the mind, strengthen self control and concentration, helps prevent depression, and SOO MUCH MORE!

Burn Fat

Helps your body burn fat more effectively. your metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids. It also helps you improve the efficiency of bodily systems and functions of the body thereby regulating appetite and decreasing the desire for unhealthy junk foods.

Great for Runners

Helps build heart muscle and lung capacity, crucial for racing and running. Increased flexibility means longer strides. Increased balance is great for trail runners dodging obstacles.

Thanks Lori to the perfect ending to my weekend. Your class is amazing. I feel great and relaxed and strong. I am falling in love with yoga !!